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Flexibility With Yoga


Hatha yoga 哈達瑜伽

Hatha Yoga strive for Yin-Yang balance. Our class is centered on Yin-Yang balance. Asana has dynamic and static formula. There will be some breathing exercises in our class. Asana will be introduced step by step and it can help you to focus on mental and physical connections while enhancing awareness and stability. Hatha Yoga is suitable for those who wants to practice acceptable strength and stretch balance. It can help beginners to enhance their body awareness to have foundation on Asana.


Aerial yoga 空中瑜伽

*Advance class 高階班
Aerial Yoga is a new yoga style. It is combination of yoga, pilates and dance. It uses a hammock that hangs around the waist to complete the yoga pose. The hammock for Aerial Yoga can support around 300lbs weight. Therefore, our hammock are safe to use. Aerial Yoga will focus more on core and less used muscles group. The other advantage of Aerial Yoga is to train your body’s balancing and coordination.


Yin yoga 陰瑜伽

Yin Yoga is slower static yoga. Each position will maintain 3 to 8 minutes. It focuses on stretching of the bones and training for physical and mental endurance. You can reach totally relaxation on physical and psychological with slender breathing. On the other hand, Yin Yoga can help to build foundation on Meditation.


Aroma yoga 芳療瑜伽

*Advance class 高階班
Aroma Yoga matching of and aromatherapy can improve your concentration. It is easier to reach the balance of physical and psychological. It can help to clear all the pressure on work and life. You can chill and relax yourself while feeling peaceful and balanced.


Stretching yoga 伸展瑜珈


Stretching is good for body stretching and breathing. It combined with the foundation of Asana. Our class will go for easy-to-practice way and progressive training in order to increase muscle strength and soft bones. Stretching is a basic yoga and can be practiced in our daily life. Therefore, it is suitable for those who rarely exercise. This is an opportunity to make those who keep on using big muscles to strengthen the each part of your body.


Slim yoga 瘦身瑜伽


The style of Slimming is fast. It combines with Pranayama to exercise your body.

The challenging Vinyasa Karma can increase your endurance and softness while purifying the body and help to lose weight and slim down.

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